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Technical Documentation

Data Model (Schema)

ASN Profile Description
ASN Profile Serializations (RDF/XML | JSONLD)

The Profile schema includes all terms defined below in the ASN Core schema as well as all terms borrowed from other namespaces and is the preferred data model for describing skills and competencies.


The Core schema includes only terms defined in the ASN namespace. The Core has been under continuous development and management since 2000.

ASN Context (JSON-LD Context File)

The JSON-LD context file is to be referenced from JSON-LD serializations of ASN descriptions.

CEDS Schema Mapping


CEDS Version 3.0 and the ASN Profile.

Value Vocabularies (Schemes)

ASN U.S. Subject/Topic Vocabulary (SKOS Encoding)

This vocabulary of learning area subjects is intended to provide a uniform categorization of U.S. achievement standards.

ASN U.S. Education Level Vocabulary (SKOS Encoding)

This vocabulary is deeply rooted in the U.S. Department of Education's vocabulary.

ASN Jurisdiction Vocabulary (SKOS Encoding)

This vocabulary is far from complete and is intended to grow as additional standards representing new jurisdictions are added to the ASN data store. Where necessary, jurisdictions existing in the vocabulary will be subdivided. Where ever possible, preferred labels and abbreviations are drawn from existing standards.

ASN Publication Status Vocabulary (SKOS Encoding)

This vocabulary describes the various publication statuses of ASN Standard Documents and Statements.

ASN Indexing Status Vocabulary (SKOS Encoding)

This vocabulary defines whether a statement should or should not be used in correlation work.

ASN Export Version Vocabulary (SKOS Encoding)

We distribute and make available through web services only the most current export version of the ASN. The current ASN export version is 3.1.0.

ASN NGSS Topic Vocabulary (SKOS Encoding)

This vocabulary consists of the topics found in the Next Generation Science Standards.


ASN Rubric

ASN Rubric provides a schema to describe rubrics associated with competency frameworks as well as documentation on progression models that can be use with both rubrics and competency frameworks.

ISLE CCSS Rubrics (SKOS Encoding - Mathematics, SKOS Encoding - ELA/Literacy)

Collaboration with the Illinois Shared Learning Environment to produce machine readable criteria within dimensions based on the OER EQuIP Rubric for use in the Learning Registry.

ISLE AOER Rubric (SKOS Encoding)

Collaboration with the Illinois Shared Learning Environment to produce a machine readable rubric based on the Achieve Rubrics for Evaluating Open Education Resources for use in the Learning Registry.

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